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Bahía de Algeciras Tax Precinct, a cutting-edge space with the guarantee of the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz

With an investment of 2.5 million euros for its development, the new facility has a strategic location 3 km from the port of Algeciras and is at the forefront of security measures and surveillance systems.

The Cádiz Free Trade Zone has made it a reality that the province of Cádiz has two tax precincts: one, the historic one located in the capital of Cádiz and with more than nine decades of history; and another, the new Bahía de Algeciras Tax Precinct, a cutting-edge space, a pioneer in security systems and surveillance measures whose adaptation works to convert it into a tax space carried out between 2021 and 2022 have already involved an investment of 2. 5 million euros.

This valuable enclave responds to a historical demand of the socio-productive fabric of Campo de Gibraltar and forms a special habitat for companies that will be a differential element to attract companies to the region. The Bahía de Algeciras Tax Precinct is called to be an example of added value in the logistics chain.

The Bahía de Algeciras Tax Precinct is a pioneer in security systems and is made up of a network of cameras that will act in a complementary manner as an electronic fortification. On the one hand, there are thermal cameras and radars for detecting people and, on the other, dome cameras (with a dome) and a complex lighting system. Thus, when the thermal control cameras or radars detect movements, the lighting and dome cameras are activated to control the possible incident.

Another strong point of the Bahía de Algeciras Tax Precinct is the access control of vehicles, trucks and people. To this end, the facility has a modern system that allows online processing with Customs of permits and access that will facilitate the work of operators, as well as the entry and exit of goods.

In this case, the system is made up of three gantries for controlling vehicles with multiple cameras capable of reading both the front and rear license plates of the trucks as well as the side and rear license plates of the containers (where the identification numbers are located). The system cross-references the data so that if the authorizations and customs procedures are completed correctly, the system allows entry or exit without the need for paperwork. In the case of people, there are lathes with facial recognition.

This business space has 130,000 m2 and the companies located there will benefit from customs and tax advantages inherent to the tax area, which represents significant cost savings as a clear competitive advantage for companies whose activity is linked to foreign trade.

The ministerial order that granted the status of a free zone to the lands of El Fresno was approved on October 1, 2019 by the Ministry of Finance. Since then, numerous procedures began to allow the start of the works and arrange surveillance of the future site with the Civil Guard.

Advances in the commercialization of the RFBA

Since the launch of the public land marketing offer , the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz has continued to take steps in the commercialization of the Bahía de Algeciras Tax Precinct.

Thus, it has added a total of 7,793 m2 of warehouses already completed and plots to the public offer of the three large plots of the complex totaling more than 80,000 m2 leasable area. Through this public offer, 4,983 m have been incorporated into the facility.2 of occupied surface, con productive activities within the tax enclave, which will be able to benefit from all the advantages and services inherent to a free zone.

These actions aim to offer quality equipment to operators and include modernization of infrastructure, changes in mobility - with the acquisition of eco-efficient vehicles for the renewal of the mobile fleet -, implementation of clean energy and the installation of electric charging stations for customers and employees.

Along these lines, the plan includes the generation of new parking spaces for tourism and bicycles in order to complement the connections with the city's bike lane, thus facilitating its use for workers and clients.

Specifically, the spaces included in the public offer are those located in the so-called Regional Services Center CSC1.1, with five lots of warehouses currently being awarded - of the six that make up this complex - and which have added up to a total of 3,574, 46 m2 of occupied surface. Likewise, three plots have been incorporated, with one of them occupying 1,408.46 m.2 Of surface. All of these initiatives are linked to the logistics and transportation sector, thus meeting the requirements for the implementation of the public offer that contemplates logistics and low-intensity industry.

In parallel, the Consortium, also through a public bidding process, has signed with the Savills international consultancy an agreement for the exclusive marketing of the three large plots already mentioned from the Bahía de Algeciras Tax Precinct and which add up to a total leasable area of ​​80,266 m², with interesting tax advantages that will increase the competitiveness of the Bahía de Algeciras region as a first-rate logistics and transformation focus. The three plots vary in size which will allow them to accommodate projects of different nature and depth. Thus, PLT-1 has an area of ​​42,095 m2, the second or PLT-2 with 27,331 m2 and the third PLT-3 has 10,840 m2.

The international consulting firm Savills maintains contacts with developers specialized in promoting large industrial and logistics spaces and with leading international operators, which are precisely the two profiles of bidders contemplated in the aforementioned Public Offer.

The conformation and versatility of these plots will make it possible to respond to the demands of future projects, whether large-scale initiatives or smaller implementations. In this way, the venue is seen as “a blank canvas to be drawn at the discretion of the end client.”

In addition to the tax and customs advantages inherent to the tax area; its strategic location –due to its proximity to the Port of Algeciras, with access to its facilities and the A-7 and A-381 highways-; and the high level of security make it a competitive and unique enclave, complementing the hub of the Bay of Algeciras, a reference point in world maritime traffic.

Check the customs and tax advantages.