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Welcome page to Zona Franca Cádiz


The Free Trade Zone of Cádiz is a Public Institution created in 1929 that, since then, has promoted the socioeconomic development of the province of Cádiz.


The largest free zone in the south
peninsula where a special customs regime is applied and with services and productive spaces for the business fabric


Companies from all national and foreign sectors that need to export or import merchandise or engage in international trade.

sustainable industry

We are committed to a more sustainable industrial model that is respectful of the planet.

Advantages to internationalization

Two fiscal precincts in the province of Cádiz with more than 600,000 m2 where a customs regime is applied special, such as exemption from customs duties for foreign goods.

Commercial and logistics advice

Our Promotion Department Empresarial guides you to make your most competitive project.

our commitment #BlueEconomy

We incubate your idea or project in our High Technology incubator, Incubazul.

Since the Phoenicians founded this city, the oldest in the West, Cádiz has always been linked to the sea. Their society has been forged looking at an ocean that has been both their sustenance and their limitation; its source of enrichment, commercial and cultural.

For this reason, Cádiz must continue looking at the sea. Because today the seas are the future, they are the great opportunity for the sustainability of the planet and our province has the best resources in this sector: hundreds of kilometers of coastline, salt flats, rivers, regenerative tourism of reference, a flagship naval industry and two large ports such as Algeciras and Cádiz.

This commitment is embodied in Incubazul, the first high-tech incubator in the Blue sector in Spain, where we promote ideas and projects related to the seas and oceans.

Industrial and logistics land

More than 2 million m2 of land industrial, logistic and tertiary in the entire province of Cádiz.

More than 350 companies

More than 350 companies in our facilities, spread over 9 industrial estates and 19 office buildings, nurseries companies and industrial buildings.

cold logistics

The fiscal precinct of Cádiz has an industrial cold surface of 8,686.72 m2, with a volume refrigerator of 76,118.36 m3.

We have a space that adapts to your needs

Find the best property for your company among the wide range of available spaces such as offices,
warehouses, premises and industrial land.

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